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Nataliya 65 years old


Last login: more then 1 day ago
City, Country: Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine
Sex: female
Birth Day: 10 Feb 1952
Star sign: Aquarius
Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English
Height: 164 cm (5'4")
Weight: 75 kg (165 lbs)

And now allow me to introduce you myself: About Me
As the song goes...Mistakes, I've made a few...I am learning about myself and relationships and hopefully I am becoming wiser. I love the outdoors and the simple things in life. Long walks along a stream to find waterfalls or the beach make me the most happy. Love a fireplace on a cold evening and warm feet on a cold morning.. Also, I love walking anytime at the beach. I love an ajoure palm-trees branches shadow on the hot sand, to hear a whisper of surf, to watch moon's path on starry sky night cloth’ of the sea mirror. I love the cherishing touches of the evening waves when the sunset is reflected in the water. I consider myself to be a very romantic woman and I would like to find a man close to my age who also thinks of himself as romantic and who likes and appreciates the small things in life. Like rain on the roof at night, listening to old peoples stories, that little touch that says I'm here and I want you feel safe, and holding your hand in the scary parts of movies. I love things outdoors and natural. The things that truly make life full and happy.
About My dream mate
I am interested in a man close to my age who is open and honest with his feelings and will allow me to be the same. A husband, friend, confidant and lover who will be open with me...who will TALK to me and allow me to do the same. I have been divorced for 26 years but did not come away hating marriage or commitment. I love quite times, walking and talking, good movies, fresh flowers from our garden, cooking a great dinner together and dancing in the kitchen, reading the same book and talking about it. Reading the Sunday morning papers in bed and having coffee together. Talking about what is there and telling stories to each other. I especially love cooking together. I love all sorts of animals but especially dogs. There is more to me...I am happy with who I am becoming. I want someone who will complete the journey with me. A man to share with and who knows himself and where he has been and knows the lessons he has learned. Someone to share the good times and help each other through the not so good times. A man who is strong within himself. A man who has had life experiences that we can share, that we can talk about and who will be interested in mine as well. A man who can laugh with me and allow me to be open and talk about the things I have inside. A man who can share those things with me as well. A friend with whom I can play, a lover with whom I can share myself, and a confidant with whom I can be open and honest. A man who understands that I can hurt just as he does and can let me know when he hurts and share the pain with me. A man who is comfortable with me physically and takes care of both of us to keep fit.

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