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Olga 27 years old


Last login: more then 1 day ago
City, Country: Baumholder, Germany
Sex: female
Birth Day: 12 Apr 1990
Star sign: Aries
Languages: English
Height: 165 cm (5'4")
Weight: 55 kg (121 lbs)

My thoughts for You.
- I such strong and such weak.
- I hope, when there is no any chances.
- I trust and I trust people, often being sorry about it.
- I like to talk, but for a long time has weaned to use words lightly.
- I do not trust in miracles, but always I think of desire for holidays.
- I do not read love novels, but I want, that they were in a life.
- I create the lock from illusions, but I wish to create only a reality.
- I laugh, when it would be desirable to cry from a pain.
- I compare BEFORE AND AFTER and so I learn myself and
- I shout I "WILL not return", but always I dream, that me have
- I tell "I AM NOBODY", but I dream, that me have embraced and
never released.
- I speak I "DO NOT TRUST", but I hope that these words do not
become fatal in my life.
- dreams to return the children's naivety back that the world seemed

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